Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Entry to the Knit a Hat for Mindy Challenge

The glorious and multi-talented Madame Leiderhosen is seeking ideas/patterns from which to knit a hat for Melinda June. Melinda June has just returned from 4+ years in balmy olde England to the blustery winters of Chicago. Here are my entries:
There are not many who could pull off this hat. I'm not even sure the model herself is convinced. However, I believe our fair Melinda June could do it. My preference would be to put an eyeball, a couple of teeth and some stray hairs onto the protuberances so they looked like parasitic twins. But, that's my hat, not Min's.

Knowing that Melinda June is a big Cap'n & Tenille fan, I thought this 70's inspired number might be appropriate for those cold afternoons lip synching "Love Will Keep Us Together" in her swank new apartment. If done in the right hue, Melinda June might also appear a bit nappy headed, which is likely a look she (wisely) hasn't tried yet.In this hat/scarf ensemble, Mindy could look just like this itty bitty witty kitty. Here knitty kitty! Who's the cutest kittiest critter in all the land? You are, kitty. You are.
I thought this was a smart little number though I'm not completely convinced of the plum color. Is that plum, or is it MAROOOON? For whatever reason, when I hear people describe things as being marooooon in color, I automatically assume they are describing something ugly. There are so many other color words out there people. Go pick up some paint chips at the Home Depot and get creative already.


kirelimel said...

I picked the same marooooooonnn hat too! How funny! I was thinking it was more a plum or something dusty.

And we both had a kitty related hat. How funny.

Mnmom said...

That's not maroooon, it's aubergine! I vote for no. 1 because it can function as a head protection/shock absorption device when she falls on the icy sidewalks of Chicago.

michaelg said...

Oooooh, MnMom. That is a great idea. Perhaps Mme Leiderhosen could knit on some little rubber bumpers on the end of each protrusion?

michaelg said...

Kirelimel- "or something dusty"

That cracks me up. When did "dusty" become a desireable state for anything. Remember when "dusty rose" was a hot color? Mmmmmm. Dust.