Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It Was More Than Sex, It Was Making Love

This report is from WCCO online today. Gotta love those Iowans going wild when they hit the big city and the Minnesotans who watched them. Classy. Very very classy. And do they know how filthy the Metrodome bathrooms are? I guess when passion comes a-knockin' you just have to answer the door.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) ― Considering the state of the Minnesota Gophers' crippling loss against the Iowa Hawkeyes last weekend, one could reasonably assume some would have rather watched anything but the action on the field. That's precisely what police said approximately 15 people did when they observed the action going on inside a men's bathroom at the Metrodome last Saturday.
According to a report filed by University of Minnesota Police, the crowd had gathered to cheer on a couple "having relations" in one of the stalls. A security guard flagged down a police officer after he saw two sets of legs occupying the handicapped toilet stall, both with their pants and underwear around their ankles. The officer arrived and separated the two. The 38-year-old female and the 26-year-old male, both in town from Iowa, were cited for indecent conduct before being released, respectively, to their husband and girlfriend.
According to police, the woman may also be charged with providing a false name to police after attempting to give a fake middle name to the officer on scene (though she identified herself with the correct first and last names).


Scott J. said...

Why should Senators have all the fun?

Mnmom said...

Isn't that what Minneapolis public restrooms are for??!! We could have a new tourist attraction on our hands, which will come in handy when the Vikings get sold to someone in southern California.

I swear it wasn't any of my relatives.