Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cookie Day at the MnMoms

Yesterday was cookie day at the MnMom's house in Northfield. When I entered, Twin #1 greeted me from the couch with a less than enthusiastic "hi" then went back to the TV. I encouraged her to work on her social graces because, who knows, she might one day aspire to be a hostess at the Taco Bell or something. But, I guess when you're like family you get the real 14 year old treatment. Okay, I know I don't get the full treatment that MnMom gets, but I got a taste of it. I did, at some point during the day, threaten all the kids with a spatula and/or a scraper. This was only to stop MnMom from ripping off the aerial on my car, which had just come from the body shop. I was simply helping to keep the kids in line. Helping.

Here are our little elf helpers. MnMom's youngest offspring on the left- who, by the way, still shows me how happy she is to have me there, Twin #1, eh hem- and her little friend Sophie. In this picture they are making a batch of cookies for which I failed to recognize the difference between baking powder and baking soda. They still tasted great, but were a little flatter than I had anticipated. Left to their own devices, these two would have made all manner of mutant cookies, mixing chocolate chip cookie dough with the chocolate dough, M&M's and red hots on everything, and would have been so covered with powdered sugar that they would have looked like eager super models at the coke factory sampling room. A few reminders to keep their hands out of their mouths and a looming spatula overhead, kept them on task. Spare the spatula, spoil the child, I've always said.

Here MnMom rescues what became our cookie mosaic. I guess they were a little too close on the parchment and all became entangled and intertwined. This is not unlike what will happen to 14 year old twins if they get too close to boys. Fortunately, MnMom has raised sensible twins who require very few spatula beatings. The girls were going to a "black and white" high school dance last night and had some cute black dresses picked out. These were nothing like the Gunne Sax dresses that were all the rage at high school dances in Iowa in the late 70's & early 80's. Only if you had a thing for Ma Ingalls would you have been hot for a girl in a Gunne Sax dress. Hmmmm. Let's start sewing for prom now, MnMom.
MnMom & Me


Dale said...

Send cookies, keep the twins!

Little Sister said...

Oh, you tow look so cute in your aprons. Wish I could have been there. Where will you and SO be for Thanksgiving, MG? Want to join in on the amazing feast at the Jenkins?

michaelg said...

Curt and I are going to his mom and step dad's for the big day. Perhaps when the Jenkins feast is at MnMom's in Northfield we'll join you. Can we put the kids table in the basement?

Mnmom said...

How about a kid's table in Burnsville? We had a wonderful day, and I'm going to post about it tonight. Love you Uncle Mike #2!

FranIAm said...

Ah, the lovely companion piece to Mnmom's!

You two look very cookily cute together.

kirelimel said...

I actually did get a good spanking once with a spatula. See, my Mom knew not to spoil me!! And I learned never to piss my Mom off when she was browning ground beef!!