Sunday, November 16, 2008

Granny Throw Down

The non-smoking section at the local casino is tiny and the competition for machines can sometimes be fierce. Last night, I noticed that one of my favorite games- Super Jackpot Party!- had just come open so I rushed over. At the same time that I got to the game, a late 80's something granny in her walker had also reached the game. Deferring to the fact that it probably took her 20 minutes to travel the 10 feet to get there, I gave her an opportunity to park her walker and have the game. However, she looked at the game for a moment and started to move on. Cool for me.

When she got about 5 feet away, she apparently changed her mind, turned around and came back. By that point I had already inserted my player's card and sat down. Seeing me in the chair when she arrived back at the game 30 minutes later (Okay, that is an exaggeration. It took her about 30 seconds to go the 5 feet, but it seemed that long because the turnaround was really, really slow.), she said "I was going to play this game." I responded "Oh...well, it was hard for me to discern that seeing as you walked away in the opposite direction." She muttered something about me being rude and stood there in her walker glaring at me. This pissed me off. I was thinking to myself "Granny, I can't take out many people , but I could take you." I wasn't completely sure of that but if provoked, I probably could have gotten enough adrenaline going to accomplish the task. I looked at the woman seated next to me. She could sense there was a throw down about to take place and gave me one of those looks that said "You're right, but if you throw down with a granny, I'm betting on the granny." I decided to take the high road, but did give granny a look that let her know she should watch her walker because I might be the kind of guy who would take the tennis balls off the front legs and laugh as the walker slides away from her and she goes down face first.

We eventually left the non-smoking section for greener pastures in the stinky section. I did find the only upgrade of Super Jackpot Party and played that. What could be better than Super Jackpot Party? Village People Party!! Yes indeed. Where ever you find Village People Party, you can be sure that there are gays aplenty bobbing their heads to "In the Navy" or "YMCA" during the bonus round. Fabulous.


Mnmom said...

HA HA HA! Next time, take me. I'll set up a diversion while you remove the tennis balls.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Hey, Honey. Email me your address at coldfridayATgmailDAHTKahm. I have caramels for you. xxoo
M. Leiderhosen

Dale said...

Grannies can be way too fierce.

I was just looking at your 2008 reading list over there. Stiff and ...Curious Incident... I enjoyed a lot. I'm partway through the Sedaris book in preparation to see him in December when he's in town. If only he'd bring his sister Amy with him, it'd be a banner night.