Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wooo Hoooo!

I am quite pleased with the presidential results! Woo hoooo! I thought McCain's concession speech was very thoughtful and supportive. It is apparent that even he is embarrassed by the booing and negativity that erupted in the first 10 seconds of his speech. I applaud his tone. Obama's acceptance speech was breath taking. I didn't think I would tear up, but I did. I'm quite proud.

On the down side, it appears, at least for the moment, that all the gay marriage bans that were on the ballots have passed, including Proposition 8 in California. Right now I'm thinking of CP and Poor George who were married a few weeks back. I have to trust that this will all get resolved. It likely won't be in my life time, but I do believe it will happen.

The race between Norm "Can I Feel You Up" Coleman and Al Franken is headed for a mandatory recount- less than 800 votes separate them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Toes too.

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