Sunday, December 14, 2008

Does My Butt Look Big On This Wii? And other thoughts

1. It was raining here most of the day- unusual for this time of year. This didn't stop the squirrels from cleaning up under the bird feeders. Unfortunately, wet squirrels aren't nearly as charming as dry fuzzy squirrels.

2. I ran out to Best Buy this morning and picked up a Wii Fit. The thing took me through a bunch of set up activities, asking me my height, my birthday, then weighed me and calculated my BMI and my fitness age. Then it did the worst thing of all- it told the truth. I am obese. #%^@#* toy! I knew that already. When I step on to the balance board, I swear the machine says "OW!" Curt, very kindly, convinced me that it says "oh" along with all the other cute things this little miracle of a toy does.

3. Anyone have any ideas on how to calm a tickling in the back of the throat that comes on during the night, initiates annoyingly frequent coughing fits, keeps me and my lovely Curt up for hours and drives one of us into the guest bedroom for the night? The first night, I went to the guest bedroom and lost almost a full night of sleep. The second night, I got up and took a few more Trazodone and slept through the coughing. When I woke up, Curt had gone to the guest bedroom.

4. I counted 10 cardinals in a single tree just on the other side of the fence yesterday- 6 males and 4 females. They are the earliest and the latest at the feeders. I heart cardinals.

5. My obsession with getting a Pileated Woodpecker at our feeders- not just on the tree next door- has driven me to further expand my feeder set up. It is getting a little ridiculous and I may end up needing another pole. Anyway, I bought a big log feeder filled with a peanut buttery suet mixture. The Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers seem to like it and the Nuthatches have discovered it, but, alas, no Pileated. Why so obsessed with Pileated Woodpeckers? Well, not only are they as big as pterodactyls- okay, maybe a little smaller- they are amazingly beautiful and notoriously a little shy, but once you get them at your feeders they are your friend for life. And, its fun to brag a little about getting a Pileated at your feeder in the city, okay burbs.

6. The temperature started out a balmy 37 degrees this morning at 8 a.m. Now it is 12 degrees on its way down to -6. How butt sucky is that?


Mnmom said...

Stinkin Wii - you'd think they could program it to say "you are SOOO awesome. You could TEACH this class".

I love cardinals and woodpeckers. But can't feed them. They aren't so pretty after cats have taken them down and chewed them apart in the garage.

Your cough could be acid reflux - I speak from experience. Take some Prilosec for about 3 weeks, and each night for the first week take Pepcid AC or something like it about and hour before bedtime.

janban said...

Dear brother, don't you know that whenever anyone or anything asks you about your weight its best to lie? That's my policy anyway.
Regarding your cough, have you tried honey? If that doesn't work take a nice big shot of Nyquil and that will put you out all night long and part of the next day.
Good luck!

Mnmom said...

What happened to your comments box? Usually mine show up right away.

kirelimel said...

Oh the weather... the warmer temps caused the dog poo in the backyard to rise from the snow, only to be covered later with a solid layer of ice, luckily, the high winds have brought a covering of crusty snow over top so the poo is once again, buried until spring. Thank goodness!!

michaelg said...

MnMom- maybe your kitties should have a throw down with a Pileated Woodpecker. Teach them some respect- if cats can be taught respect.

JanBan- The sad thing is you can't lie to a Wii about your weight. IT weighs YOU. The only lie I could have told it was that I'm 7'11' tall. That way my weight would have produced a more kindly BMI.

Kirelimel- Nothing like frozen poopsicles! And nothing worse than picking up thawed mushy poo in the spring. You've also got much bigger poop than our two little turd machines make.

Mnmom said...

Hey MG - email me at I'll be in downtown Mpls this Sunday afternoon and evening.

suzieQ said...

I agree with MnMom regarding the acid reflux. It was my first thought as I read your post. Along with the meds, try elevating the head of your bed (either by using pillows for just yourself or putting the head of your bed up on blocks) and make sure your not eating immediately before you go to bed. Try to have nothing at least a couple hours before you retire.

Scott J. said...

So, can we expect to see a video of you doing Wii Hula in your underwear? It's all the rage, now.

Melinda June said...

Another possibility - post nasal drip. Allergy meds solved my problem.