Friday, January 2, 2009

How Did You Find Me?

I love to occasionally comb through my visitor logs from the various site meters that I use. One of the things I find most interesting is the searches that people use to find my blog. I've always said that when you visit me you can let your mind run free and unencumbered by anything resembling real thought. These accidental visitors have obviously found that to be the case as well because few of them have stayed longer than 10 seconds.

Here is a list of the search criteria used within the last two weeks with which you can find my humble blog if you are ever in a pinch. In some instances I have indicated the location out of curiosity. I have also added links to some of the posts that they found.
  1. "it wasn't me I swear" film
  2. Kelly Jean Ohl
  3. (Eugene, OR)
  4. lisa the stripper on americas next top model
  5. gays boys wears in winter (Egypt)
  6. pacman mutation
  7. popular coats for teenage boys
  8. fashion for teenage boys
  9. "america's next top model" kitchen utensils
  10. characteristics of Christmas (Nigeria)
  11. it wasn't me I swear
  12. teenage boys fashion
  13. i hate "sound of music"
  14. fashionable jacket for 12 year old boy
  15. Bristol Palin
  16. characteristics of gay teenage boys
  17. Unitards
  18. teen boy coats
  19. Toni Tenniel (misspelled by searcher in Indiana and in the comments section. Travesty.)
  20. sexiest man characteristic
  21. hate the sound of music
  22. 5 traits of Scrooge

Post Script:

#3 concerns me a little. If there is some big pervert out in Eugene, OR masturbating to my girlish little 10 year old self, then I say "Eeewwwwwww. Get a frickin' real hobby and quit trying to look up my skirt."

I'm thrilled to know that others out there hate the Sound of Music enough to google "hate the sound of music"

#22 is worth a re-read if only to see Melinda June say "Parumpafuckingpum" in her comments.

And, of course, #20 is always worth a look.


Scott J. said...

I know sitemeter doesn't give an accurate "time spent" reading for Blogger unless someone views more than one page. So, take heart - some people might be reading more than you think.

Dale said...

My sister the nun hates The Sound of Music. True story.