Monday, January 19, 2009

Ta ta

While I am thrilled that another administration will soon be running the country, I have to say that I am still just better than luke warm about Obama. Yes, I think he's really smart. Yes, I think he'll be able to make some much needed change. Yes, he gave a fabulous acceptance speech in Grant Park. Yes, I think his wife is pretty and his daughters are cute. Yes, he will try to unite the country.
That last part might be what makes me a little luke warm now that I think about it. The sane, respectful side of is saying that it is great and about time that we have someone who will respect the views of everyone, even when they disagree. The dark, wa-wa-baby side of me is thinking "Wouldn't it be great to have a democratic president and congress that will just come in and piss all over effigies of George Bush and Dick Cheney on their first day of business and treat the other side in the way that we've been treated for the last 8 years? Wouldn't it?" We've taken a lot of abuse in the last 8 years. We were dismissed wholesale by the "winning team." We were accused of not being patriotic at any hint of dissension. The economy is on its knees. Friends are struggling financially. Our reputation around the world is shit. Our civil rights are threatened. And yet, we are supposed to rise above.
There was an editorial in my home town paper a few weeks back from a freak who said that Obama would never be his president. He signed his name. I'm fairly certain that I could do a little research and find editorials he's written accusing Dems of being unpatriotic for disagreeing with the asshole in chief throughout the last 8 years. What would HE say if I accused him of being unpatriotic for not supporting the president of USA!? USA! Fucker. But, I will rise above and not harass this ass hat. I always seem to manage, however bitter it is.


Miss Kate said...

Democrats (almost) always take the higher road, which is why lizard brain conservatives apply the "wimpy liberal" label. In their world, only one point of view is allowed: the Neocon point of view.

All of my boyfriend's friends are right wingers - up north semi-Libertarian kinds of guys. They have name called me and harassed me for my views as long as I have known them. Finally over New Year's, I had had enough. I just blurted out a big "HA HA MY SIDE WON SO SHUT UP". I knew it was childish and beneath me, but oooh, it felt sooo good.

themom said...

Now is the time we can shout back "you lost - get over it!" I have been so tired of hearing the Hannity's of the world blurt that out - it is turnabout time.

Mnmom said...

I'm with you here. I'm torn. Taking the high road just gets someone looking up your skirt. But it's still the best choice - to be an example of reason and justice. Remember, evolution IS happening - slowly, but it's happening. And the neocons are the last screaming voice of hate and war.

Little Sister said...

Patience, patience, patience...I am trying hard to keep my patience. I am so hoping to see Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld brought up on war crimes-now that would be justice FOR ALL.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Hi, Darling.
We've been quiet and depressed and awfully long time. This change is kind of nice.

Having someone in your face reminds you that you can shout back. Being quiet and reserved doesn't pay if you are not willing to leave the flaming bag of dog shit on the right person's doorstep.

Mnmom said...

And I still want some really old lady to hit Bush or Cheney with her purse.