Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who knew?

Have any of you happened to you out to, my brother D's favorite brain building site, to look for your last name, particularly if it is kind of unusual? Mine is out there with 4 definitions that aren't particularly appealing. Thankfully, judging from the number of votes, my last name will never catch on as a popular term for a sex act- see definition #4. Whew. Now for the rest of you, one of you is "the smelly kid in class or a cheap vodka." Another of you is "a douche bag Chemistry teacher." Another of you is "an attempt to discreetly scratch one's breast when it itches in public." And yet another is "a tall, norwegian, slack-jawed yokel." Allegedly. I refuse to believe any of this is true.


Mnmom said...

I DID read that site once and decided one of two things:
1. I'm horribly naive and have an extremely repressed sex life OR
2. Everything on there is just a figment of someone's imagination.

Amy said...

I prefer the definitions for my first name only.

michaelg said...

Yes, it's revolting, but in an amusing way. Ever notice that the only things that get lots of thumbs up are the most vile sex acts imaginable? It's like a family member wrote it or something. Hi D!

themom said...

with the lovely German name I inherited through marriage...I cannot tell you what they have to say about this name. Something to do with a penis on a hamburger bun. ???????????Oops..I wasn't going to tell you what it said.