Sunday, September 9, 2007

And We're Back...

It is Sunday morning 10:02 a.m, making coffee, just finished downloading some pictures to the computer and will be off to the farmer's market shortly, then back home to watch the Vikings for as long as I can take it. The Vikings suck. Curt and I have given up on getting tickets to the games, not because they are hard to get, but because the Vikings suck and watching the games is painful. At home we can turn them off to go do other things. At the dome, we can only leave early and feel cheated. Why do we keep tuning in? I have no idea.
Yesterday, we got home earlier than expected because we took a standby option to get on a 12:15 flight instead of our 3:30. Standby is great except for two things: you now have to pay $25 for it (bastards!) and you almost inevitably get seated in the lousiest spot on the plane. Curt got seated in a center seat a row in front of me next to seemingly normal people. The woman to his left was one of those airline princesses who doesn't think the announcements apply to her. Ever been next to one of those? She didn't think that she needed to have her seat in an upright position for take off or landing. She didn't think her things needed to be stowed in an overhead compartment- then told the flight attendant to do it for her. You get the idea. I was seated in a window seat next to two really large women, which is not a problem, except that the one next to me kept gradually pushing her way in to my seat. She was really warm too. The guy in front of me kept bouncing back hard on his already reclined seat and nailed my left kneecap once so hard that I yelped. By the end of the flight I was curled into a crabby ball on on the window ledge.
Getting home early was worth the irritation though because the dogs were so thrilled to see us. Both Louie and Claire were beside themselves pretty much until we went to bed. We love our dogs.
One more quick thing about our vacation. Curt and I travel together remarkably well considering how we're both a little bossy in different ways. The only times that we get on each other's nerves are:
1. When the other person is driving and not accepting of quality navigation coming from the passenger seat.
2. After a long day of walking around when the other person isn't taking quality navigation from the other.
So, one night after a long day of tooling around, Curt is getting ready for bed and says, "Sorry for getting crabby with you earlier. I need to get some sleep so I can tolerate your intolerableness tomorrow." We had a good laugh.

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Mnmom said...

Quality navigation - yes the bane of relationships. I have to say John bears it remarkably well. Although I'm sure he'd rather I was ejected from passenger seat while it's traveling 65mph. But he'd also have to admit I've saved his hide more than once.