Friday, September 14, 2007

That's Not Funny

I've got two friends who are both in the same hospital in Rochester. So, I'm going to go visit them tomorrow, then drive the extra hour to Decorah to see my dad for several hours in the afternoon. Anyway, I discovered today that it is very difficult to find a slightly off color, humorous get well card, or even a slightly humorous get well card for that matter. At lunch I tried Hallmark. Total failure- very white bread, safe, cute crap. Not having time to comb the city, tonight I tried Target, which was nearly as bad, but I managed to pull out two acceptable cards. The thing is that both stores had sections marked "Now That's Funny" or something similar. They weren't funny. Not at all. Not even close. Didn't even curl the corners of my mouth. How many cards can people read about the back of hospital gowns, really?
In case you're wondering, I do have bigger things to worry about. So, enough on the cards. They're not funny anyway.


kirelimel said...

Get out those scrapbook supplies and whip up a card! Say something like, "Hope you get better but if you don't can I have your sweater collection?"

Melinda June said...

I was shelving cards at my mom's store while I was home, and surprisingly I found a get well card that made me smile. I was shocked.

Mnmom said...

Let's go into business, all together, and come up with a line of greeting cards for the smart-aleck set.