Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Do You Think?

One of my favorite comedians is Kathy Griffin. She, in my opinion, would be the ultimate party guest. Lately, she's in the news for her Emmy speech which is below:

"A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now."

So, everyone in the country is going nuts on her. She got censored when the show aired. Christian groups are flipping out and taking out full page ads in USA Today. What the hell??

First of all, I thought this was hilarious. She was being flip and outrageous which are her trademarks. There is nothing in her statement that bashes Christianity. It might be borderline offensive to tell someone's diety to suck it, but have a sense of humor people. I personally believe that if dieties exist, they have a sense of humor about themselves. After all, they're just sitting on their asses watching the world go by anyway, so they should have some entertainment.

Second, obviously this is not polite tea talk, but is it wrong to talk about what you don't believe? Yeah, it mocked the folks that were up there thanking Jesus for everything, but so what? Listen to that hog Bill O'Reilly on Fox to hear mocking of my beliefs. I know he is a stupid hog, so I'm not wasting my money on a full page ad or stamp for that matter. If a neo-pagan got up and thanked a pantheon of gods by name, wouldn't Christians have gone just as crazy? Screw their intolerance, double standards and hypocrisy. Oh, and suck it, (insert your favorite diety name here).


Scott J. said...

It might be borderline offensive to tell someone's diety to suck it...

Bill Donohue can suck it, too. The irony that they're bordering on the same self-righteous indignation as the 'Islamofascists' is, of course, lost on them. Honestly, if you can't handle some irreverence toward your chosen religion, maybe your faith isn't as strong as you'd like to believe. (Easy for me to say, as a non-believer, but...)

Kathy Griffin is great, imo. We need more people to tell us to get over ourselves - there are plenty of things beyond our egos that need some attention in this country. Plus, she's cute!

Melinda June said...

Don't tell the Buddha to suck it. You'll come back as a toad.

kirelimel said...

If God created everything then God created Kathy Griffin and her funny blaspheming tongue. And if they believe that everything happens for a purpose then why worry about it? right? why have a reaction to anything if everything has already been prearranged? The evangelicals can suck it. (I think Jesus would tell them to as well) I'm so sick of them. And they are as crazy as the islamic extremists-agree whole heartedly.

Mnmom said...

I love Kathy Griffin! If she offends, don't watch her, pure and simple. Evangelicals offend me every single day but you don't see me flipping out. Funny they're taking out full page ads after the whole full page ad farcus regarding Oh, so big ads proclaiming your opinion are only for those on the extreme right? God hates a hypocrite more than anything.