Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pictures from the Northwest: The Puyallup Fair

On the last day of our northwest vacation last week, I mentioned that we went The Puyallup Fair, a huge 3 week long shindig that gave us a whole other perspective on the lovely northwest. Here are a few images from that day:

If I were reincarnated as a chicken, which somehow seems likely, this is how I would want to look. I might work a little harder on the dry skin around my mouth, but this is a pretty chicken none the less. And I would do just what this chicken is doing- sit and wait for food to fill my dish. When I was done eating, I would sit around looking pretty, nap, then wait again for food to fill my dish.

This is my favorite food vendor at the fair. I didn't eat there, but I thought the name was quite fun. It brought to mind for me certain male hygiene issues and a particularly virulent strain of STD- neither of which I have experience with, thank you. Notice that the smaller Krusty Pup has a yellow something on its tip. God almighty. It just couldn't have gotten any better. I made Curt stand beneath the smaller Krusty Pup and you can see he is NOT happy to do so.

This little girl and her pumpkin are just about to set a new fair record. Something like 1161 lbs. That's just a bit smaller than a SmartCar. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see just how cute she is. After she won, her dad, who was also kind of cute, was on hand to pick her up in a big bear hug. It was a sweet moment.


Melinda June said...

Did you see the pig races? They were always a big deal at Puyallup. As you mentioned in an earlier post, my favourite culture shock when I moved to Seattle were the exotic food vendors at fairs. A week after I got there I went to a 4th of July event and we shared calzones, scones and bulgogi from fast-food stands. None, may I add, on a stick.

Mnmom said...

I think I'll come back as the giant sedentary pumpkin on the forklift. Oh wait, that would be THIS life!

michaelg said...

No pig races, but we did learn the difference between grade A and Grade B eggs from a guy from the American Egg Council, or something like that. You'll be horrified to know that the grade comes from the AGE of the egg, not anything to do with quality. Grade A eggs are less than a month old and grade B eggs are over a month old. I did ask how long eggs would keep in the fridge. The guy said basically indefinitely as they are in their own little protective atmosphere (the shell). We were both marginally horrified and left feeling like the guy was a fraud.