Sunday, September 23, 2007

ANTM Did Not Disappoint!

Oh, I completely forgot to update the blog after watching America's Next Top Model. This show never lets me down. Not only do they say and do some of the most mental things, they also have just enough good photography to keep it interesting, if you like that sort of thing.

This week was a recap of the auditions and selection of the final group of young ladies who will compete for the coveted(?) title of ANTM. Highlights:\

1. One gal was a brainiac type from Yale. She was asked why she wanted to be in the competition. She said something like "Because I am a strong, smart, confident woman like the rest of the finalists." Mr. Jay asked her this, "So being from Yale, you must think that the rest of these girls are pretty stupid." To which she responded, "No....okay, well, yeah, a lot of them." I love this girl already.

2. Another gal was a professional waxer. Tyra asked her to show her how she does it. So, the gal had Tyra get up on the judging table on all fours with her butt in the air and proceeded to simulate a wax. Miss Jay looked horrified at the giant ass in his face, but maintained some composure. When the girl left the room, Tyra said, "Any girl who can give me a simulated kitty cat wax is alright with me." The girl made it to the final group. Amazing.

3. Tyra was stumped as to what to do with one of the finalists who wasn't big enough to be a plus size model and wasn't small enough to be a high fashion model. Mr. Jay finally suggested calling her a real size model and asked what would be so wrong with that. Tyra loved the idea as though it was the first time a thought like that had entered her head and hence forth wanted to be known as a real size model. In truth, she's plus size, but I'm not telling her.

4. One of the finalists has Asperger's syndrome- a mild form of Autism- and not only is socially awkward (to put it mildly), she also has computer neck and walks with her neck stuck out about a foot in front of her. She's a really nice gal though and we were rooting for her. So when it came time to take her pictures, Curt and I were thinking "Oh shit. Here comes the disaster." However, right on cue, she took a fabulous photo. Now, if she can learn to stand up straight, she might go far as long as she doesn't have to talk. GO AUTISTIC GIRL GO! We will be rooting for her!


Melinda June said...

So you like the fat one, the smart one, the kitty cat waxer and the autistic? What does this say about you????

michaelg said...

Hmmmm. My first guess would be that I embody all of these characteristics. Let's scrap that. I could never be a kitty cat waxer. Sorry, ladies. I love you, but no kitty cat for me.
On the other hand, smart, fat and autistic might just be a perfect match. Hmmmm.