Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

No, its not Celine Dion. We're about to get another hellish thunderstorm. Please, pray that our power stays on. Even though our fantastically powerful generator could keep us lit, I don't want to get up every seven hours to keep it fed with gasoline. Pray, pray to whatever higher power turns your crank.


Mnmom said...

We have hail, yes we do, we have hail, how 'bout YOU?!

kirelimel said...

Oh mighty Isis!

michaelg said...

I LOVED Oh Might Isis when I was a kid and would have died a thousand deaths from pure pleasure if I could have dressed like her for Halloween. Of course, the shit would have been kicked out of me within blocks of my home, but my homage would have been paid.
Oh Zephyr winds that blow on high, give me wings so I can fly... Spin, Spin (office girl clothes dropping away) Spin Spin (glints of gold and white) Spin... and she's fabulous and flying, carried by the Zephyr winds of course.