Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Heart Sunday Mornings

Got up this morning, put on yesterday's clothes (its not bad hygiene, its weekend recycling!) and toddled off to the farmer's market. Today is a gorgeous autumn day- clear blue skies and a crisp 58 degrees. Monday will be 80 degrees. So much for autumn. Anyway, the farmer's market was fabulous. The cool weather keeps away most baby carriages, so I am able to wander at will, my mind free of homicidal thoughts.
Fall produce beats summer produce hands down because later varieties of veggies are superior to the flavorless uber-hybrids that mature earlier in the season. The sweet corn is tastier, the heirloom tomatoes are ripe, the good green beans are ready and it is leek season. Hooray! I bought some leeks, a loaf of potato bread, some green beans and a cauliflower. I bought the cauliflower because I was impressed that the guy grew it locally and it was huge and perfect. Good job!
I couldn't find any rosemary for the potato leek soup that I had in mind, so ended up stopping by Whole Foods. I try to avoid Whole Foods for two reasons: 1. It is so freakin' expensive and 2. I leave with too much cheese. It happened again: Australian Cheddar, a nice Gruyere and a baked something or other cheese, along with some peaches and fresh figs.
Got home, pulled out the crock pot, added some stock and cream, diced potatoes and minced rosemary, then browned some leeks, garlic and pepper in butter. YUM! I love the taste of slightly caramelized leeks. YUM again. All of this while listening to Speaking of Faith on MPR.
Now I'm having coffee and dinking around on the computer before getting to some cleaning. The perfect Sunday morning.


Mnmom said...

My Sunday morning: awoken by a phone call from girl's soccer friend asking what time we're picking her up for the game in Prior Lake. Go through the hand-me-downs for the 8-yr-old only to have her throw a complete fit over trying on 2 pair of jeans. Help with a 13-yr-old personal crisis. Blow 5 weeks of perfect Weight Watcher's behavior by eating 5 homemade chocolate chip cookies.

michaelg said...

At least when you're old, you'll have someone to throw you in to a nursing home. I'll have to check myself in. :o)

kirelimel said...

My Sunday morning was spent deflecting snipes from the wretched woman who has to teach 3 year olds and wasn't all that happy to see my mug. But Thank God she stepped in to save the day.

Oh, and today was the first day with the new hymnals. Take cover!

I'm trying to decide if I could raise my children as secular huminists- study Vonnegut instead of the Bible. Then I could have coffee and listen to MPR too.

Mnmom said...

Secular humanism - taking the pain out of Sunday mornings since 1802.

Actually, I believe in "god" but not in organized religion.

kirelimel said...

You know, I meant to spell it humInsim- cause that's more gender neutral...blah blah blah