Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's My 42nd Birthday!

Just kidding.
Here are some other people who share my birthday:
1974 Christian Bale
1951 Phil Collins (zzzzzz)
1950 Victoria Principal (fabulous!)
1941 Dick Cheney (BOO! HISS!)
1937 Vanessa Redgrave
1933 Louis Rukeyser
1931 Gene Hackman
1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt

There are some historical events that happened on this day, but they involve syphilitic dictators taking power, the assassination of a promoter of peace and tolerance, and the last performance of a great band. A bummer day in world history. So, let's just think of all the nice things that happened today instead. Okay?


Melinda June said...

Happy Birthday! Christian Bale is almost as hot as you. And FYI, I share a birthday with Bob Dole, but your Dick Cheney trumps!

michaelg said...

Thanks, Min! God he's yummy. (Christian Bale, not Dick or Bob!) Did you see him all shirtless and dirty in Reign of Fire? Mmmmmmm, dirty.

Mnmom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Aunt Mike of Decorah also shares your birthday - he's 46 today. What are you doing Saturday?? Up for a visit?? Can I bring a teen or two??
The most fabulous people are born in January, with the exception of Dick Cheney.

kirelimel said...

Happy Birthday! If I was any lazier I would have missed it! I'm sure you're at Applebee's getting a free sundae and a balloon. Enjoy!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Really! Happy Birthday Michael! As far as I'm concerned the day's all yours! (Christian who? Dick what?)

Cheesecake Maven said...

Happy Birthday Michael! The Michael at this end says so too! You share a birthday, I never knew that before. We had a horrible dinner at the new restaurant downtown for his birthday celebration, hope yours was a LOT better!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Scott J. said...

Huzzah! Happy B-day, young man!