Sunday, January 6, 2008

Whole New Me- Update

Oh, boy. I have been seriously remiss in updating my Whole New Me adventures. So here's the quick scoop. I set a goal of losing 15 lbs in 12 weeks. As of the last trip to the livestock scale I had lost about 11 lbs. We have our final weigh-in next Friday. I'm not so hopeful to lose the remaining 4 lbs mostly because we've just been through 6 weeks from Thanksgiving to the New Year when my world has been filled with treats and I have been filled with treat lust. I did much better than in year's past, but have really only held steady on my weight. Even though I probably won't hit my weight loss goal, I've made great strides in my overall fitness. Here's proof:

1. I sweat. No, I didn't start the program as a dainty thing who only perspired. I just didn't sweat during workouts. Apparently the body's ability to keep itself cool improves as one's fitness improves. Now I can soak a t-shirt and get my socks pretty wet. This is nothing compared to our instructor Bethany who looks as though she has been under a hose at the end of a workout. It's a little grotesque, but she's really cool, so there's some balance.

2. I don't feel the need to nap after work any more. I thought I was just getting old. Nope. I was (am) fat and was seriously un-fit (not in the way Britney Spears is unfit- poor girl, what a mess). Now I can actually take on some plans in the evening. Sweet.

3. I can run a little bit now. Though at higher rates of speed the jiggling of blubber and man boobs flopping around in all directions can frighten children and some delicate adults, I can RUN. (To real runners, it still may appear to be a jog, but to me it is a run. Let me have my moment, okay?) I used to run years ago when I was skinny, but never thought I could run at this weight. Love it.

4. Heart function improvement. It is way harder to get near my anaerobic threshold than when I started the program and wildly faster to recover. This is cool no matter how you look at it.


Mnmom said...

Is that our Jane Fonda? What the hell were leg warmers for, and why are they coming back?
GOOD FOR YOU MG!!! I have gained back everything over the Holidays. My own cookies were just too good.

michaelg said...

Legs warmers are coming back??? Do your daughters have them?

Just look at Jane's hair. That was like a rich lady's mullet back in 1983. Take me to a monster truck rally, baby.

Remember slouch socks? God I loved my slouch socks. I had mint green slouch socks to match my mint green sweater- both from the Gap. Hot.