Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On My Blog?

I just told Jesus the nun joke.

A week or so back, I got curious about a blog option to place advertisements on my blog. I'm not in it for the money. Oh no. I'm in it for the customization. Google will apparently match key words in your blog with advertising with the idea that customized advertising based on blog content will get clicks from readers. So, check out the verbiage on the ad that came up this morning:

Laughing Jesus
Free to Join. 1000's of pictures of Beautiful Christian Singles

This is likely based on my post "Jesus Protect Me From the Worst of Your Followers." So, in the spirit of things, Google sends me ads for Beautiful Christians, as opposed to the ugly mean spirited ones I wrote about. Sweet.

Hmmmm. Now I'm wondering how best to get other unusual ads placed on my blog. Here's a few words they can match for starters:

Monkey Love
Stretch Marks
Jenna's Bush

Oh, the anticipation.


Melinda June said...

Jesus looks like you just told him he has a fat ass. Don't be mean to Jesus, MG.

Mnmom said...

Jesus is actually a way cool guy - not the creepy Republican the status quo would have us believe.
I'm thinking about the adsense thing too - could be interesting. Lots of Red Lobster ads.

michaelg said...

Hey, I didn't say anything derogatory about Jesus himself or his philosophy that so many distort. Some of the creepier of his followers piss me off, but I have no beef with Jesus. And probably no pork either considering he's Jewish and all. Oh, and by the way, Jesus LOVES me. This I know.
(Start singing MNMom. I know you want to.)

Scott J. said...

Oh, and by the way, Jesus LOVES me. This I know.

It's his Dad you have to worry about - crotchety old SOB... Hmm, that sounds awfully familiar.

I clicked on the ad, btw. 10 minutes later two nice young men in white shirts and ties were knocking on my door. Evidently, Jesus has wandered off again. I suggested they put a notice on the bulletin board at Fareway. I hope someone finds him soon - it's cold outside.

Mnmom said...

Jesus is a pesky fellow - continually needing to be found. Posting at Fareway is a good idea. Perhaps they could try Craigslist, but not for an escort as that will get you beaten and robbed.

michaelg said...

It always seems that the people who have already found Jesus are misplacing him and asking us to find him. That doesn't seem right.

Oh, don't you just love the guys on the news who got beat up after the Craig's list hooker business. First, who buys hookers anyway? Second, would you go on the news after getting scammed in a hooker incident?? I wouldn't do either.

IowaMom3 said...

"her and I are planing to get married", a quote from the freaky christian singles ad. Oh yeah, marriage material there, can't read or write, but he'll keep you in a submissive role the rest of your life! You go girl!

Mike, love your blog!