Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jesus, Protect Me From The Worst of Your Followers

I'm still somewhat cranky with the results of the Iowa Republican caucuses. Huckabee?? Come on. This is the guy who only alludes to having a platform on issues that matter, but really only has two core topics in his platform- abortion and the gays- and has now managed to win the majority of delegates in the Iowa caucus. One thing I will say in favor of evangelical wackos is they can certainly organize and energize their ranks to get involved politically. I wish the rest of the country were so motivated. But, hey, who am I to point a finger? I burned out on active politics about a dozen years ago.
For the record, I feel exactly about the far right as I do about the far left. Both are the same people carrying different color flags. In the end, both sides just want to suck the enjoyment out of everyone else's life through complete control over how the rest of us thinks and acts. The far left is slightly more fun at a party though. I'll give them that.


Scott J. said...

Romney came out ahead here in WinnCo. Frankly, I didn't realize there were any so-called evangelicals in Iowa - I never would have expected Huckabee to make a showing, much less come out on top. The wingnut mind is a strange thing, indeed.

On the plus side, the Right Wing is absolutely freaking out about it, and anything that distracts and kinks up their plans is OK with me.

I agree with your point about extremism from either side, but I'm not completely sold on Obama's bipartisanship plan, either. We need change more than hand-holding and unity right now, imo. I don't think we have any really bad candidates on the Dem side this time around, though, so at least there's some hope for the next few years.

Mnmom said...

I agree - I like something about all the Dem candidates and would be happy if any of the 3 top runners got the nomination. However, I'm not looking forward to the media shitstorm should it be Clinton.
MG, wake up and smell the brimstone! There are lots of evangelicals in Iowa, including some of my best-loved relatives. And they are all crazy as shit-house rats. They organize better because they are scared to death to meet a very angry God and Jesus at the pearly gates, where they will be directed straight to a Hell full of sharp objects because they allowed Hillary Clinton to continue breathing. We normal people think the Universe is a much more loving place, and therefore don't get our knickers in a twist over differing opinions.