Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas at the Curt & Michael Household

This is our Christmas tree. Though my bio family's Christmas traditions died with my mother, Curt and I have established some of our own small traditions over the years.
One of my favorites started on the very first Christmas we were together. Even though we had only been dating for about 7 months, I think we both knew the relationship was going long term. So, I bought him the 1999 Swarovski crystal ornament and said that we should buy one each year until our tree is covered with nothing but crystals. So far, we have nine of them that you might be able to pick out among the other ornaments. And even though Swarovski keeps jacking the price up by $5 every other year- $70 this year!- we'll keep the tradition alive despite my cheap Lutheran-bred tendencies.
Another tradition is Curt setting artificially low spending limits for each other and me whining about it. I love to buy him presents. Despite the fact that we're both well employed and are actively saving for retirement, we must adhere to the guidelines. So this tradition basically amounts to me whining for about a week, and Curt getting a warm but annoyed feeling in his heart knowing that I want to lavish him with gifts.


Mnmom said...

Michael - I'm sending you a hug about your Mom. We sure miss them at the Holidays, don't we?
I love Lenox china ornaments but the only one I had broke last year. So I'm sending big hints to the Universe that I'd like really lovely, tasteful Lenox ornaments.
Our tree is covered with the weirdest things imaginable. Maybe I'll blog about it.

kirelimel said...

That is beautiful. I tried to have a sophisticated tree this year but we ended up with polka dot bows and bright pink ornaments-having two little opinionated girls sure puts a hurt on my control. When they go off to college, I'll get my way!!

THat is really lovely- and your traditions are wonderful too. We're deep into the little kid things- making a really crazy gingerbread house, although this year looks better, and as much pink and glitter as can be worked into the season.

Mnmom said...

I blogged about our weird tree - check it out!

madame_leiderhosen said...

Whoa! What an absolutely stunning tree. I am all for making one's own reinvention of Christmas traditions, especially if it includes permission to whine.