Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Travelogue: Decorah to Golden Valley

Today I drove home from Decorah, back to Golden Valley. I thought the worst of the wintry weather had passed, but I was wrong. Sometimes it doesn't need to snow for the weather to suck deeply. Today it was the winds- gusting up to 30 mph and whipping yesterday's snow around into near white-out conditions, as you shall see. Here is the view between Harmony and Preston, MN on Highway 52. Was it smart to take pictures while driving? Probably not, but I'm alive, at least in this version of reality.

Here is the view coming in to Chatfield, MN. Chatfield is a little village nestled in what is called the Chosen Valley. Lots of businesses use the name Chosen in their titles- Chosen Bakery, Chosen Bar and Grille, etc. Surprisingly, with a name like Chosen, there seem to be very few Jews in the area- not a Chosen People Synagogue in sight. I threw a few Yiddish exclamations at the Kwik Trip clerk just to test the waters and got a bland expression. Nope. No Jews in the Chosen Valley.

Here I am grimacing and cursing the heavens for sending such poopy-pants weather for my drive. My stocking hat had mussed my hair and I clearly haven't shaved since Friday. I'm sure if you look closely enough you'll see some graying nose hair and a few things in my teeth. Today's questionable hygiene, combined with the weather made for a rough ride.

Nearing Minneapolis, it started to snow and continued blowing- so much so that the conditions depicted above were quite common for several miles at a stretch. If you look closely, you can see a little gray shadow that represents the car in front of me. You might think it is dusk in this picture, but it is only 1 p.m. (WARNING: Junior drivers, do not attempt to take pictures in a white-out. It is a stupid thing to do and should only be attempted by bored adults who have even less common sense than you.)


Mnmom said...

Glad you are home safe. How was our homeplace? I left a lengthy comment yesterday, but for some odd reason your blog wouldn't let me post.

Scott J. said...

Good to see you again, Michael, and glad you made it home in one piece.

Happy Festivus to you and Curt!

Gjelly said...

I grew up in the Chosen Valley! I was stuck in Farmington that day...trying to get back to Chatfield. Glad you made it home safely.

And, you are correct. There are no Jews in Chatfield.