Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Like Kentucky Part II

Despite my crass remark about tooth count, which I know was wrong and know is an evil stereotype, Louisville has some charm (and teeth). Here are more things I like:

5. The Highland: Tonight, instead of walking the same 5 blocks of downtown, I took a cab to a part of town called The Highland- a very charming area teaming with restaurants, little shops (all close at 5!) and tattoo parlors (4 of them in a relatively small area). Tattoo shops in The Highland must be the equal of wig shops downtown. The surrounding neighborhood consisted of turn of the century stone and brick homes, many decorated with lovely holiday lights.

6. Cafe Mimosa was recommended to me by the bellman and the front desk gal, both in their twenties, as a good sushi joint. It also was in The Highland. The ambiance was not that of Caviar, but the sushi was really, really good. I ordered the chef's choice Sushi and Sashimi plate for $19.95 and was expecting a small plate of sashimi with a roll. Instead I got a ginormous plate of really amazing red and white tuna, salmon and eel, with a huge roll of unknown name that was de-licious! I heart sushi. I'm frankly a little surprised to have found two really good sushi restaurants here. Who knew?

7. Rachid, my cab driver for the evening, was very friendly and had a good sense of humor, but seemed quite bundled up for the 45 degree weather. We got to talking and I discovered that he had immigrated from Morocco- explains why he was so bundled- only six months ago with his wife and child. He knew no English when he arrived, which to me is amazing. His English was very broken, but so admirable, and he was so friendly that he got a great tip both ways. If I were dropped in a foreign country with a language very different from my own, I just don't think I would be functional enough after six months in the new language to find a toilet let alone drive a cab. Go, Rachid.

8. Hairspray in men's restrooms. Every restroom in our training facility, public restroom in my hotel and every restaurant restroom I've encountered thus far has a spray can or pump bottle of hairspray in it. And yes, I'm in the men's restroom. I love it. Could men's hygiene be more evolved in Kentucky than in Minnesota?


Melinda June said...

Perhaps we can go grab some sushi in MSP when I'm home! Or at Cho Sun in Decorah!

By the way, only two of those votes on the right are mine (one from work, one from home.)

Mnmom said...

If you two go for sushi, can I come too??? I think the hairspray is a sign of the south's penchant for BIG HAIR.

michaelg said...

Yes, let's do it! I'm only going to be in Decorah for one day for our family's sorry version of Christmas, then back to the cities the next morning. Perhaps in Mpls? Midori's?

Mnmom said...

I have in laws from Dec 24 through Dec 30. Outside of that I could swing it.