Sunday, December 2, 2007

Waaaaaaa! Post script.

I'm back and feeling a bit better. First, my apologies to Madame L and Kirelimel, who seem to have caught my dread disease (see link for evidence). Disease blog. That's me.
Anyway, every time I get a cold of any consequence, I end up with a wicked sinus infection complete with crappy bend-over headaches. This has been going on since I was in high school. Anyway, the problem is that I apparently go to a hippie clinic where no one will prescribe antibiotics, and instead say comforting things like "It's viral, just ride it out," or "You're just going to have to suffer through it." Thoughtful, kind. Last time I had a sinus infection, I went to three doctors over the course of 8 months of misery. The last finally ordered a CT scan of my sinuses ($225 out of my pocket!), prescribed antibiotics and called to apologize that I hadn't gotten them sooner. Nice, but not so nice. Flash back to our last trip to Puerto Vallarta where I did some exploration in the local farmacia and discovered that I could buy antibiotics over the counter. I did and, after much internal debate, have been taking a nice 5-day course of Azitromicina. (Dr. Ben is going to have something to say about this.) Sinus infection seems to be clearing up, but I've missed three half-days at work, two classes at the gym and the 5K I was supposed to run in yesterday. Bummer. I've also been a horribly crabby baby. Big bummer for Curt. Ah, healing.


kirelimel said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, makes me feel almost bad that I was so impatient waiting for a new entry on your blog.

michaelg said...

So glad someone noticed I was gone!
How's your cold?

kirelimel said...

The thing about being sick with kids is that it's 100x worse to try and nurture one's own health so for me- cold's don't stand a chance- they are usually cured within the day they show because chaining up the kids so I can rest is frowned upon. I was cured after my girls had their fouth fight of the day, I mean, morning.