Sunday, December 9, 2007

Malls Suck and Wig Stores Are For Strippers

So, I settled in to my room at the Brown Hotel in Lousville, KY and decided to go exploring on foot (hey, it's 48 degrees here!), thinking I would catch the last few hours of retail and grab a little sushi to go for dinner. Hmmmm. Didn't happen. First of all, the only retail left in downtown is a handful of cellphone stores, several wig stores (see below), a Border's book store and a food court sort of affair in the business district. *sigh* Another downtown raped by a mall. *sigh again* And the only Sushi I found is open Monday through Friday because no one is apparently around that area on the weekend. I need my sushi.
In my short walk, I passed THREE wig store in about 8 blocks. Hmmm. So, here's the thing. I'm thinking, okay we're near a medical center, so maybe there's a demand for chemotherapy wigs, that sort of thing. However, not one wig looked like something a cancer patient would wear unless the cancer patient is a stripper named Amber (the universal stripper name). Did you know that they even have long wigs with the roots grown out to various lengths? I guess if you're going to get a wig, you might as well simulate a really bad hair day? Maybe they put their trashiest wigs in the window, hoping that they'll get stolen? I such a small area, why the need for so many wigs? Should I ask the concierge?

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Mnmom said...

ASK! I'm dying to know the answer. If you're going to get a wig, why would you want one that's worse than your own hair?? Are there lots of private detectives in the area in need of disguise?