Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Was Eavesdropping Again v2

So I'm at the airport this morning catching a flight to Chicago on my way to Louisville, Ky (woo hoo) and there is a group of about 6 guys together at my gate, all looked like hunter-good-ol'-boy types and weren't from Minnesota based on their accents. Anyway, one of them was a bit of a blowhard and doing most of the talking. When I sat down, they were talking about bass fishing:

Blowhard: I only use live frogs as bait to catch the big bass.
Group member: Yeah. I've done that before with some real small ones. Worked good.
Blowhard: One time I put a big one the size of my palm on the hook and let him swim. Pretty soon, a bass hit him so hard that the frog flew up out of the water pretty much riding on the lower lip of this huge bass. His mouth was so f*ckin' big I swear I could have put fist in it.
Group member: How much did he weigh?
Blowhard: Well, he stripped the frog off the hook so I didn't get him.
Group: (chuckles and gives the blowhard a little ribbing)
About 15 seconds later, blowhard starts in again-
Blowhard: This is gross, but I know some guy in Pennsylvania that uses live kittens as bait to fish for muskie and northern.
Group: Silence.
Blowhard: Yeah, I guess it has something to do with the way they thrash around in the water that gets the huge muskie excited.
Group: Stunned (I'm guessing) silence.
Blowhard: Silence
Group: More silence.
Blowhard: Well I only saw him do it once, but he didn't get anything that day.

So, I'm stunned and horrified that these words would even come out of this guys mouth, but I figured they must be pure bull. Until, I googled "kitten fish bait" and saw this. What???? I guess if it can happen in Europe, it can happen in Pennsylvania. But, what the hell would have to be wrong with a person to do that???? Aaarrrgggghhhh!


kirelimel said...

I was waiting for the punch line and then whammo- no punch line. How utterly disturbing. I wonder if he was feeling them out to test his "other" bait --12 year old girls. I bet they would thrash about more than a kitten.

Mnmom said...

Sick bastards