Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Was Eavesdropping Again

I love to overhear odd bits of conversation at work, at the mall, etc. Today, it was Target.

Woman: Oh, my mother just loved Christmas.
Friend: Really?
Woman: Uh huh. Every year she would just go crazy and lose her mind.
Friend: She did?
Woman: Oh, yes she did.

I was walking the opposite direction so didn't catch anything else. I assume that the woman was talking about her mother going crazy decorating, but she didn't say that. Then, there's the friend who answered in disbelief that this woman's mother loved Christmas. Really? It's kind of an annoying conversational habit that I even catch myself doing now and then, but despise. I think it comes from either a lack of listening or just a need to add some noise in a pause.
Or, perhaps, the woman's mother loved Christmas so much she really did lose her mind. I can see that happening.


Mnmom said...

I vote for the last option, makes a better story.

Ben-Bob said...

Oh, yes. Really. I share your annoyance with this conversational tic. And I'm filled with self-loathing when I catch myself using it. Which, sadly, is often. Really.

Melinda June said...

I think perhaps you overheard my sister-in-law.