Thursday, February 21, 2008

ANTM: Top Model Academy

Uh oh. The first week of America's Next Top Model didn't really produce any real hopefuls for me. Typically, there are 1 or 2 that stand out. Not so much this week. Oh, wait, there were two that stood out for the wrong reasons.
1. Fatima:
Fatima is from Somalia and thinks she looks like Iman. Oh no she doesn't. She also immediately took on all the other black girls and called them all ghetto- not the friendly, cool ghetto, but the "I hate your ghetto ass" ghetto. In my white, middle-aged, gay suburban opinion, some of them were a little ghetto, but not so much that I would have had to point it out. So far, Fatima is a bit of a beee-yotch.
So in the very next scene, she goes before the casting panel and puts on a big fat weep fest at meeting Tyra Banks. Then she tells the panel that in Somalia at age 7 she underwent female circumcision. Okay, Fatima, just suck all the fun right out of the room. Kidding. I've read a lot about female genital mutilation and it is horrifying. That said, I think Fatima was working it a little. Just saying.

2. Marvita
Marvita, pictured below, looks like Chris Rock, who, the last time I checked, was not supermodel material. He is pleasant to look at and his wit makes him attractive, but could he hold his own against Naomi Campbell in a thong contest? No. So, what makes Tyra Banks think that Marvita, could be a supermodel? Not only is she Chris Rock, she comes to the competition with serious baggage that causes her to threaten people's lives and say some really dumb shit. For example, Fatima came back from the casting panel and told the entire room of girls that she was previously berating about being ghetto, that she had been circumcised. All the other girls, recognizing the horror that Fatima had been through gathered around to give support. Marvita, on the other hand, let the first words out of her mouth be "So do you feel like less of a woman?" Somehow, I suspect this gal won't be anyone's Cover Girl.


2HelpUs said...

I completely missed the first show, but will hopefully catch the next one.

Too bad, not any great potentials at this point. I think that happens with all reality shows once they have been re-run several times -- what season/cycle is Top Model on now....?

Mnmom said...

Did you read the Star Trib today about watching the Oscars? Best line ever . . . watching from "my barcalounger of judgement".