Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Is Your Candidate?

This came to me via e-mail today- a quick way to see what presidential candidate you most align with on the major issues.

My results, in order of alignment, are:
Hillary Clinton (51 pts)
Barack Obama (48 pts)
Mike Gravel (45 pts- WHO IS THIS?)
Ron Paul (18 pts)
Mitt Romney (10 pts- Bye, Mitt!)
John McCain (7 pts)
Mike Huckabee (5 pts- Suck it, Mike.)


Mnmom said...

Mine split - 62pts each for Clinton and Obama. Suck it Mike Huckabee - well said, very well said. Rabid little rodent.

Melinda June said...

I got a 55 for both Clinton and Obama and a 65 with Mike Gravel.

And a whopping 3 with Suckabee.