Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad Lazy Americans

Hey, that's me!! Last night was Minnesota caucus night. It was anticipated that there would be record turnouts and there were. Early balloting was to start at 6:30 with the actual caucusing starting at 8:00. So, Curt and I left the house at 6:15 for the 5 minute drive to our caucus location with the idea that we would cast our ballot and leave. Well, apparently, every other Democrat had the same idea. Our caucus location was in a middle school, with a small parking lot (how many 12 year olds are driving to school, right?) and on a dead end street. Oh boy, that was some good planning. Anyway, the traffic was backed up for over a mile in each direction to get in to the school. We waited for several minutes with zero movement, turned around and headed home, feeling a bit ashamed at not participating in our citizen duties. We felt only slightly better about ourselves when we saw a news report showing the crosstown highway backed up for miles in each direction to get to the caucus at the Edina high school. Perhaps I'm just plain lazy, but shouldn't it be easier to participate in the process? *sigh*


Cheesecake Maven said...

Hey, you tried! I'd have made a bee-line to the nearest Sushi bar and then just pretended to have caucused that night. Your hears were in the right place!

Mnmom said...

Hey, you tried. It WAS a mess and I don't blame you for opting out.