Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Never The Twain Shall Meet, Or At Least They Shouldn't

Over on The Cheesecake Maven's blog, there was some discussion of "teenage thespians." (Poor Maven. She lived through a whole day of it.) MNMom chimed in that there few worse phrases with the exception of perhaps "christian teenage thespians." I concur. I also offered up some of my least favorite word pairings, words that when used together make my skin crawl. Here they are plus one more:

Clown Ministry- Clowns / mimes give me homicidal thoughts. Throw in some parables being acted out to hambone music and I'm a madman. Anyone from Luther remember this? Those kids were creepy in and out of their makeup.

Liturgical Dance- Church is long enough without people leaping around in leotards with ribbons, or worse, writhing around in one of those stretchy body sacks. Oops. I just threw up in my mouth a little. Sorry.

Gay Republican- I've met some of these, and like clowns, I want to hurt them. Enough said.

What are yours?


Cheesecake Maven said...

"Committee Meeting","Goals and Assessments", "Team Building Retreat", "New paradigm" or "It's a win-win situation", "Fathers for Life" (yeah right) "Promise Keepers" (okay, who would marry a guy who has to attend a rally in a football stadium filled with other insecure men just to publicly state that they won't cheat on their spouse and that they'll be a good daddy.)

Those are a few of mine, but they don't even begin to compare to the Clown Ministry pictured in your blog! It did make me irp up a bit just thinking about it. When I was visiting back home from college one weekend, I attended church with mom. The local Methodist "hip" minister (who also by the way was born with only one arm) dressed up as clown and did his entire sermon in the get-up, including a very long piece in MIME! This ruined it for me for good. I'm permanently scarred and to this day have very bad dreams about that Sunday morning! Happy to be from Iowa, do you remember that one?

Mnmom said...

Yes, CM, I do. I watched the videotape of it. While giving his sermon, the one-armed minister s l o w l y applied his clown makeup. It would take years of therapy to erase the image, and I don't have that kind of time so I just repress and deny, repress and deny.

More bad pairings:
Volunteer Coordinator
Parent Liaison
Program Management
Team Building Retreat - excellent choice CM, that one is particularly hair-raising.
Soccer Mom - who's dumb idea was it to stereotype and label all the Mom's????

Cheesecake Maven said...

Volunteer Coordinator - now that one made my skin crawl!

michaelg said...

Anything with Team Building in it frightens me. When I hear it I always imagine massage circles and other horrid reasons that I might have to actually touch my co-workers- and I know all the men on 5th floor who don't wash their hands. Eeek.

kirelimel said...

The third graders are now doing "community building" activities- I just had to help my autistic charge come up with a compliment for every kid in his class.

michaelg said...

Yup. That's a bad one.
So, what if your autistic charge really doesn't have a compliment for everyone? Can you teach him sarcasm and say things like "Nice shoes" or "Good hair day, huh?"