Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Heart Midori and Her Saucy Wait Staff

My employee C and I went for lunch today at Midori's Floating World. I love Midori. Though she can sometimes be a little Zen about her rolling, which makes me a little impatient and really hungry, she makes some of the best rolls in town. The Number 9 roll is to die for- tempura shrimp, avocado and salmon. Yummy. And, now that we've discovered the saucy flower Ian, our lovely waiter (see picture), the trip to Midori's is even more lovely. I suspect he too will enjoy seeing mention of himself in the old blog. So, here are some reasons that saucy flower Ian is a great waiter:

1. He brings us warm towels even though Midori doesn't like to do that for the lunch crowd.

2. He is timely with the hot water for tea.

3. He takes no guff. For instance, today we complained that it was cold in the restaurant. He said that was because it is really cold outside. No nonsense. This is good.

4. He offered to rub our feet when we complained that our feet were cold. He didn't mean it, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

5. He gave us a big huge serving of green tea ice cream to share.

6. He traded in our red mints for green mints, and gave me an extra one for the road because my birthday was two weeks ago. (Don't get the impression we're high maintenance or anything.)

C bought lunch today . I didn't see the tip she gave him but I hope it was adequate to make up for our bellyaching about the cold. We're going back on Friday to send off a co-worker, but sadly the saucy flower won't be there.


Mnmom said...

Little insider tip - Ian is saucy for MG because Ian is completely smitten with MG. And cruel, cruel MG just leads him along and doesn't inform him that he is happily hitched to a wonderful guy, complete with a home in the suburbs, dogs, and killer flower beds.

Mnmom said...

PS - I've penciled in the 22nd.

Coaster Punchman said...

I'd have to see for myself. I would have been mad if he brushed off my comment about it being too cold like that. If I were him I'd say "Oh I'm sorry, let me go see if I can turn up the heat!" and then apologize later for it being too cold (knowing that I had no control over the heat.) But that's just me.

ps: Min or I can send you the American Idolatry link if you want to be a poster

michaelg said...

MNMom- He flirts with everyone and I don't even think he knows he does it. He was flirty and saucy with C yesterday too. Very cute in an ambigous sort of way.
CP- Midori was trying really hard to heat the place- an ancient brick storefront with zero insulation value. There was just no getting it warm yesterday. One of my nipples just snapped right off in the cold. Okay, that's an exaggeration. Oh, and I would love to post with you guys.