Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lunch Talk

Today, my employee C and I went to lunch at Rainbow- a pretty good Chinese joint in south Minneapolis. C loves seeing mention of herself on my blog, so she won't mind if I tell you what we talked about over lunch:

1. A lumpectomy she had at age 19 and the appearance of the fibrous tumor the size of a golfball that the doctor removed.
2. Embarrassing medical exams
3. Having a girlfriend's husband as the anaesthesiologist during a hoo-hoo surgery
4. Hemorrhoids
5. Removing six feet of gauze from her brother's post surgical cyst on his tailbone
6. Squeezing sebaceous cysts
7. Poop snakes at the Fairmont mall

All this while eating. C is very well educated, highly articulate, wildly talented, and well read. But, there's something about leaving the stress of office behind that apparently brings out the disgusting side in both of us. I knew the potential for this was there before I hired her. It wasn't why I hired her, but it didn't hurt.


Mnmom said...

She ought to go to medical school - only docs can talk about that stuff and still eat.
My daughter's male soccer coach was the anaesthesiologist during my surgery for c-section scar tissue blocking my kidney. A stent right up the urethra. Good times.

kirelimel said...

I had two tumors the size of children removed from me! Oh, wait, those were my kids.

kirelimel said...

No wonder they wouldn't let me keep them in a jar.

Mnmom said...

Know what the best thing after the above mentioned surgery? No one handed me a baby to take care of.