Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was the perfect Saturday. I don't think I've had a perfect Saturday since the farmer's market closed for the season. Oh wait, those were Sundays. So it really has been a long time since I've had a perfect Saturday.

Anyway, after a rough night of sleep, I hooked up with MNMom and her 14 year old twins Jean and Marie at Southdale Mall. We did girly things like shop for makeup. Jean got a makeover, but didn't look nearly as trashy as I wanted her to look. She looked very classy and understated, and above all, age appropriate, which flew in the face of my trailer park instincts. Some day there will be blue eyeshadow and cherry red lipstick. It just wasn't yesterday. I went to the Origins counter and bought a skin care set from the Plantidote Mega-Mushroom line. I love this stuff- smaller pores, less puffiness, less redness. It doesn't enhance my inner beauty, but that's not what matters, right? (hee hee)

We took a break from vanity to head to Midori's Floating World, my favorite sushi spot. Thankfully it wasn't very busy, because Midori is the only sushi chef in the place and is very zen about her work. Now, I've always liked Margaret's twins because they have opinions and they like stinky cheese. Yesterday, I added another reason to love them- they can put away sushi with the best of them. For the four of us, we ordered 7 rolls, 16 nigiri and a lovely flower of salmon sashimi. Speaking of lovely and delicate flowers, our saucy waiter Ian took the above picture with the second round of sushi. But, first he had to have his picture taken. I ask you, which flower below is more delicate?

After Midori's, we went back to Southdale for more shopping fun. Jean and I went to the beauty parlor and got haricuts. She got a cute blond bob. I got a short messy looking do. We then sat down for coffee and horrified the girls with 80's fashion talk. MNMom described her leotard, shiny lycra tights and legwarmers for aerobics classes, while I described my mint green loose knit cotton sweater with matching mint green slouch socks. As Mindy would say, "HAWT!" When the gals were sufficiently horrified, we shopped for shoes and housewares and parted company. The perfect Saturday.

But wait! There's more. Curt and I had reservations at Kincaid's to celebrate my birthday. We ordered the world's best calamari (has asian five spice, red peppers and a hot plum sauce), a thai inspired peanut-veggie-noodle salad, and each had a 10oz filet mignon which was to die for. Now, it is worth noting that everywhere we go, Curt knows somebody. Even out of state and out of country. It is wierd. Anyway, Curt said hi in the lobby to one of the waiters he knew from his days in the late 80's as a waiter. So, just after our appetizer, this waiter stops buy and asks us if we have any coupons. We said no and he proceeded to drop a buy one entree get one entree free coupon on our table. Instantly, my $36 filet was free! My birthday AND cheap? How could it get any better? It did. Our cute waiter brought over a big portion of the ultimate signature gay dessert- creme brulee- with a little candle in it for my birthday. Tasty.

So there you have the perfect Saturday. Today, I embark on the perfect winter Sunday, with a facial at 10 and a massage at 11. Hooray!


Mnmom said...

You deserve every happy minute of it! It WAS a perfect Saturday. The twins and I stopped at Byerly's on the way home. We bought Super Bowl food and some desserts including CREME BRULEE! Jean loves it.
Enjoy the rest of your perfection weekend.

Mnmom said...

PS - I'm horrified that I totally forgot to acknowledge your birthday! Will you forgive me? Can we do something special next time? I didn't even pay for your coffee! I'm a bad friend.

Mnmom said...

Me again! Your blog will look so popular.
How did you do those cool Amazon links?

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Do I really have to pick between the flowering salmon and the charming waiter? I'll have to pick the waiter because I fear the salmon has gone to another fate.

I must say you have such style, joyously spending your birthday (hey, it's a week-long thing like an Indian wedding) with friends and indulging in girly things with not one but two teenage girls.

Curt must have some fantastic karma to end up with someone so utterly cool and to know a waiter who'll slip him a righteous coupon at a good moment.

This bodes well for your next planetary cycle, Sweetkins. Happy Birthday.

And MNMom? Great, gorgeous children. They sound like fun.

Mnmom said...

Thank you, they are.