Saturday, September 27, 2008


So who else watched the debate last night? I was pretty underwhelmed by the section on the current economic crisis. Obama had ample opportunity to go for McCain's throat for his lack of attention to regulations and enforcement that might have prevented this, but he wasn't aggressive enough in my opinion.
The second half of the debate on foreign policy was a little bit better but not much. I did think, though, that for the first time the country really got to see a good contrast between the two candidates, particularly on the issue of diplomacy with our "enemies". It was clear that McCain will continue a practice that even the Bush administration is backing away from- that of not even sending anyone to the table for diplomatic efforts unless these countries do exactly as we say in advance. That is just a continuation of the bullying tactics that Bush and crew have tried for the last 8 years and are now backing away from, however slightly. On the issue of Iraq and Afghanistan, again McCain was stuck in the status quo. Obama got it right when he said that Afghanistan is the front line in the war on terror and that as long as Bin Laden and the Taliban are still in existence our overriding focus on Iraq is misguided. Yes, finish our business in Iraq AND in Afghanistan. This isn't an OR.
Now, on a more shallow note, did anyone else notice that McCain holds his hands like a corpse or his weird little tongue darting in and out of his mouth thing? That was just plain creepy.


Mnmom said...

The debate was a snore-fest. I thought McCain came off as a snarky, creepy, crusty, angry old man who would chase kids off his lawn and turn off his porch light on Halloween.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

How about McCain's body language. It's pretty obvious he loathes his opponent.