Friday, September 5, 2008

Oooh, girls, don't you be getting all nasty with my Isis!

Week 1 of America's Next Top Model revealed a whole mess of misfit girls all wanting to be the prettiest of the pretty. Boring.. except for my Isis! As you recall, Isis is a male to female transgender person who is quite interesting and pretty. She, of all the contestants, is probably the kindest (so far) and clearly has a little life experience under her belt, which makes her interesting. This in contrast to Clarke, or Bitchfight Barbie, as I call her. Clarke is a 19 year old blond piece of work- nice to the other girls until they turn their back. She kept bitching about Isis that a "drag queen" (excuse me?) shouldn't be allowed to be in the contest. However, Bitchfight Barbie was humbled when Isis had the 2nd best picture of the week and Clarke had the 12th best picture out of 14. Hello? Who's pretty now, Beeyotch?? Other girls were a little nasty with Isis too. Shame on them.
OH! OH! And the best part is.... Isis is pre-op with full male equipment and everything. You would never know it though by the way she paraded around in front of the judges in a tiny bikini. Now that takes balls! (Pun intended.)


Mnmom said...

Go girl!
Hope you found your crock pots. See you tomorrow!

Dale said...

I just saw a clip on "The Soup" about the girl who got sent home after introducing herself to everyone as America's Next Top Model.