Friday, September 26, 2008

Not Surprising

Leave it to the Republican party to first get us into this financial meltdown by letting their cronies on Wall Street run wild for the last 10 years, but now they try to get John McCain out of his first debate by stalling the bailout package. I am no fan of this bailout. Not at all. No matter what cut you take at it, the average American taxpayer will be getting screwed for generations. John McCain is a chicken shit who has done NOTHING to promote sound business practices through regulation. No. He has stood by since getting elected in 1982 and watched all this happen. Some maverick. I guess Sarah Palin did say it best when asked 3 times by Katie Couric on Wednesday about what John McCain has done specifically to promote stronger regulation of big business. Her response, after much side-stepping- "I'll have to go look for some specifics and bring them back to you." As of this morning, she hadn't gotten back to Katie. What a surprise. Lies, lies and more lies. What puzzles me even more is that almost half of Americans will buy the lies, particularly if they come in a folksy package or if they are told in the context of "9-11!" or "U.S.A!" or "I'm a war hero!" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.


Mnmom said...

Yeah, I saw Sarah Palin saying "I'll just havta get back tooya!" Yes how cute and folksy. What a skank.

kirelimel said...

OMG! Was John McCain in a war?! That certainly makes him (and many of the "nice" men who hang out at the greyhound bus terminal in Mpls.) qualified to be president! Geez!!

Melinda June said...

Shut up you heartless bastards. He spent 27 years in a box.