Sunday, September 14, 2008

Resistant to Evolution

So, here a few little other drawings that I found in Decorah this weekend, proving that my sense of humor has always put me squarely in the category of "sick, disturbed, juvenile turd." Remarkably, I still find these funny. These were in a notebook for the Living In a Family Environment home economics class I took (for an easy A) my senior year in high school. My naughty friend Suzette's handwriting was mixed in with these doodles, but I'll leave out her doodled commentary because she has two impressionable teenagers. (Hi Suzette!) Anyway, these were in the middle of the sexually transmitted disease notes. Here's my idea for marketing the by-products of a nasty yeast infection:

Here is my interpretation of the herpes virus. Notice my never ending preoccupation with evil clowns?

And lastly, a deeply moving piece about a symptom of gonorrhea:


janban said...

Its hard to believe that the same guy who wrote this post wrote the previous one. Was it your evil twin or were you having some Sybil-like moments?
That's the bad thing about going through the house...we are reminded of the weirdos we were!! (and maybe still are????)

Mnmom said...

Those are fabulous. Bet you got in all kinds of trouble for disrupting class - our small town didn't tolerate smart ass funny kids very well.
Hi Jan!!

suzieQ said...

Hi there! Thought I'd try my hand at actually responding and not just being a voyeur (so to speak). I'd love to see what my contribution to your art work was - these seem vaguely familiar. Hmmmm...

michaelg said...

Look everyone! It is Suzette! Welcome!
You have some commentary in here about pap smears, a little doodle of a mother relaxing, and someone must have said "walking down the street having sex" because you described how that could happen. Fun stuff. I'll bring it to town with me when I come again, if I don't post it here first.