Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night was Fall Fiesta! It was a marvelous time. We had just over 50 people over the course of the evening, and despite the rain that came about two hours in, everyone seemed to have a great time. The hard thing with a party that size is that you don't get to visit with everyone you want to for any good amount of time. So, that aspect is always a bit of a bummer for me, but the fact that I get to stuff our friends with good food and drink and see them having a good time is worth it.

Curt and I promised ourselves that we would take lots of pictures. Of course, like last year, I think we took about six. Not so many. Here are a few:

This is my workout pal Jennifer and her husband Rob attending their first Fall Fiesta. Ole!
This is my friend Deb who is a former co-worker from my years at the glue factory. I hear from her every day because she runs a trivia game via e-mail, but we only seem to manage to get together once a year or so. I adore her, so need to change that behavior.
These are Michael, Marina and Scott. They are dear friends that Curt has known for over 20 years and I've known since I met Curt. Hola, amigos!
These are two of my cycling buds, Randy and Jody. I've dragged my big ass across Wisconsin on a bicycle for the last three years with these two. Randy, who is uber-cyclist, climbs the big hills only to go back down and do them again. Each time up, he passes me. Humiliating.


Brenda said...

I am probably one of a minority when looking at pictures - I see the people and think, "Oh-they look like great people! And then I zoom in on the home furnishings in the background, sideground, foreground and everywhere in between! Mike and Curt - from the snippets I have seen on the blog so far - you have a beautiful home. I hope to be there in person one day!

Mnmom said...

It WAS fun, but we got there after the picture taking was set aside for the fiesta activities. You had so much delicious food mi amigos! We had a great time. You are the best.