Wednesday, September 3, 2008

O Mighty Isis!

She's HOT! She's a TRANNY! And if she's anything like all the past contestants, she's a bit of a MESS! HOT! TRANNY! MESS! And she's coming to a television near you tonight on the fabulous 2 hour premier of America's Next Top Model! I'm so excited! I know I said I might never blog again about ANTM, but now that we have a HTM on ANTM I might just change my mind. Oh, and yes, her name is indeed Isis. Why don't trannies pick a nice name like Julie or Beatrice? It seems that many end up as Kitten-Marie or Krotchetta. So much for trying to blend. Hmmmm.


Mnmom said...

And it's pronounced EEE-SEEEES, not the "Oh Mighty Isis" of our childhood. She looks lovely. My twins must be completely engrossed in school because they didn't even mention a new season of ANTM.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

This is where I rub my head and say something like "Oh, sweet mother of Peach Pie. Those legs... how about a few lunges or a nice tracksuit or... Oh, and I packed you a nice sandwich."